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Let´s face it: email marketing and “making money online” is damn hard these days!


According to the latest research by MailChimp, the average Click-Through Rate in the “Marketing and Advertising” industry is just

1.92 %!

As you can see in the screenshot I made:





which means that if you send your promotional email to 100 people, on average less than 2 of them will actually bother to click the affiliate link and see the sales page!

According to a survey conducted by Getresponse, LOW CLICK-THROUGH RATES are the NUMBER ONE FRUSTRATION of email-marketers today!

 And, respectively, they´re the # 1 reason for not making money and struggling online!


But wait, my friend, it gets even worse:


With sales pages converting on average at about 5 % these days,

you´ll need to have a list of 1.053 subscribers

to make just One Single Sale and

earn Just a Few Bucks in affiliate commission!


So, an email to a list of 1,053 subscribers will make you just ONE MEASLY SALE! …. and this one sale will get you often less than 9 bucks!

An email to 1,053 folks = less than 9 bucks in “revenue”!

If you send your list an email every single day, and you make ONE SALE each day, selling a $8 product, you´ll end up with $240 bucks each month – awesome, right?

Is it really worth it, all the hustle … for just $240 each month?!

If those are the results you´re getting, than you know it sucks  Whatever YOUR results are, you´re most likely not 100% happy with them, right?


Why You´re Not Making Money Online

Here is the Cold Hard Truth:

You may have purchased the best “make money online” course in the world, the best “list building blueprint” the best “sales funnel blueprint” the best “affiliate marketing course” on the planet  – and congrats on this, BTW, it´s a step it the right direction – but it´s NOT going to make you money, because:


The Devil Is In The Detail!

Yes, if you´re emails aren´t getting clicks, and people aren´t going to check out the product you´re promoting, you are not going to make money, UNLESS YOU FIX THIS!

I know, it´s not “hot” to work on increasing your CTRs ……  everyone is looking for the one “make quick money turnkey system”, but unfortunately, by working on all the small details, like improving the Click-Through-Rate in your email campaign, you are going to make the money.

Look, all the “gurus” out there are putting tremendous resources of their own time and money to figure out, how to improve their CTRs, they´re constantly split-testing and trying out new strategies to get better Click-Through rates.

But Why? Why are they doing that?!

Wouldn’t it be much easier for them to just buy the latest “make money online”- course for a few bucks, instead of working on such “boring” stuff like Click-Through Rates, spending all their hard earned cash on that?!

Well …. the answer is simple: because they absolutely KNOW that this “boring” stuff is actually MAKING THEM THE MONEY!

Improving such “little thigs” and details like the CTRs of your emails is the difference between starving, and making a steady  income in the online world!

So, let me ask you this:

If I could show you a way, how you could not double, not triple, not quadruple, but 8X your email Click-Through Rate, would that be of value to you?


If so, how much? Well, think about it:

If you have a list of 1,053 subscribers, and, instead of just less than 2% clicking your affiliate link, more than 16% clicking it – that would be 168 clicks to the sales page.

And with a sales page converting at 5% that would be 8 sales!


Now, when you send an email to 1,052 folks,

would you rather make ONE sale, or EIGHT sales?


Even with a product of 8 bucks, 8 sales would be $ 64 – cash in your pocket; and … if you´re sending an email every day, that´ll be $1,920 per month! Now we´re talking, right? :-)

So, would you rather make $240 per month, or $ 1,920?

If you´d like “the $1,920 idea” a little bit better ;-) then this is for you:

Recently, by accident, I discovered how to write emails that gets over 16% CTR – yes, that is 8 times the industry standard!

I was promoting a product by a well know and reputable email marketer and first, I used the swipe email he provided – and it did OK … not really great, not terribly bad, just OK …

But then, looking at the product I was promoting, and odd idea came into my mind and I thought: “What if I just test it and see what happens?”

I logged into my Getresponse account, wrote the email, clicked the send button … and:

I got a 16.67 % Click-Through Rate!





Wow, that really surprised me, since My Email OUTPERFORMED by far the one that the product creator, one of the best email-marketers, had provided!

And today, I´m going to share everything with you, introducing:





In this 11 pages, no-fluff, just pure actionable content



I´m not going to hold anything back; in fact, I´ll even GIVE you the exact email I sent, so that you can swipe and model it to skyrocket your Click-Through rates and drastically outperform your competition out there!


But I´m not only going to give you the case study with the exact working of my best performing email, that is outperforming the industry standard more than 8 times, …. In this PDF-report I am also going to walk you through each part of the email, explaining you the structure and the psychology behind it, that makes All the Magic Happen!


You´ll get a complete, cutting edge education on

how to structure and write top notch emails

that´ll outperform your competition every time

and make you 8 times more money!


Yes, I´ll give everything to you! And although THIS is the difference between having $240 a month and having $ 1.920 each month – cash in your pocket; I´m not going to charge you what this information is really worth!

In fact, because I want to make it affordable for everyone who is struggling and frustrated, I am releasing this entire system today for only

$ 7


Think about it: if you apply this system and you make ONLY ONE MORE SALE that you wouldn´t have made without it, you´ve already recouped your investment!


But Why Are Your Charging So Little For All This?

I know it's a tad absurd to charge this little for my system and all the bonuses, because you should be able to make that money back in less than a few days just by following the instructions in the report and the bonuses.

There is only one reason I'm offering it at such a low price -- I want you to become my customer for life.

In fact, I´m working on several more products at the moment that I´m going to release very soon. And if I can show you how to make money with just a simple report, and you go out and do it, how much more likely are you to want to buy more products from me in the future?

And, if you act today, you´ll also get as


Bonus #1

my “Private Click-Through-Rate Resource File” 


For the First Time Released, because I really want to make this a no-brainer for you and deliver the biggest bang for the buck!

It took me many years, lots of money on training, courses, seminars etc. to learn what I know now and to be able to immediately spot the difference between GREAT information on email marketing, that´ll help me be much more successful, and pure garbage (and, unfortunately, there is a lot of garbage out there!), that is only going to waste my time and money.

With all the knowledge and experience, gained over the years, I did a research for more than 7 hours to find, evaluate and put together the very best, cutting edge information on email marketing in 2017!

Some of the world’s leading email marketers, one of them has been recently featured in Forbes, are showing THEIR BEST PRACTICES and advice on how to dramatically increase your CTRs!


You´ll also find in this resource


so that you can Swipe And Model them

to skyrocket your CTRs even more!


With this resource, you´ll never run out of ideas, proven and tested by world-class marketers, on how to increase your CTRs and gain an unfair advantage over your competition (that is NOT doing this!)


I call this resource my “Private Click-Through-Rate Resource File

and I´ll give it to you as a bonus,

if you act right now!


With this resource, you won´t have to spend all that time to figure out what information is worth paying attention to, and what is only going to waste your time and money. Because I´ve done all the hard work for you, and paid the price!

This is my “go-to” – Resource that I´m using whenever I need some new ideas on how to increase my CTRs through the roof, so that I stay on top and outperform my competition!

And today, I´m going to give it to you for free, as a bonus, because you took action and invested in yourself!

Now, you can go out and spend several hours of your own time to research, find and evaluate what´s working now and getting you the best results. But why would you waste YOUR time, when I´ve already done all the hard work and you´ll get it immediately when you invest …. bucks in my system today?

Just the time this saves you, time that you can use to actually make money, is worth more than the entire investment!

Bonus #2

The Quick Start Guide

This short guide will show you, what to do to get the maximum results from my system as quickly as possible.

Once you get my system, I recommend you start with this guide!

Bonus #3:

Free Lifetime Membership in the Email-Marketing Support Group


I reserve the right to pull this bonus from the sales page at any time, should I got too swamped with member, so that I cannot handle and the care of all.

But while it's up here, you can take advantage of lock yourself in for ongoing support.

What we do here is talk about your most pressing challenges in IM, and come up with solutions for them.

I like offering these because it gives me ideas for more products, and helps me know and serve my market place better. But of course, my time is limited and extremely valuable. However, if you're reading this, then that means this bonus is still available, and easy to take advantage of.

This bonus alone is easily worth three or four times as much as I'm charging for the whole package!


So, when you act right now, you´ll get immediately:


THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO GETTING ULTRA HIGH CLICK-THROUGH RATES - My 16.67 % CTR case study with the exact email copy for you to Swipe and a detailed Walk-Through for you to get great CTRs as well, and how to write high converting emails!



My “Private Click-Through-Rate Resource File” for even more great tips and tricks on how to skyrocket your CTRs from some of the greatest email marketers



Lifetime Access to my private Email-Marketing Support Group, so that you´ll always getting help and you´re never alone with your questions, concerns and ideas!


And #4

the Quick Start Guide to get you on the fast track and show you, how to get the most out of this system!

But I Must Warn You:

This is a DIME SALE and the price is going to increase, so if you don´t act now, you may never get the chance to get this system at this price again!

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In fact, I am planning to close this offer here, and sell this system to the general public at a much higher price once I have the other products ready to be released!

Also, when I release this to the general public, I´ll pull back my “Private Click-Through-Rate Resource File”, because I don´t want to many folks to have access to these resources easily!

Furthermore: Once I close this offer here and sell the system to the general public, ongoing support in a private group will be available only for those, who are willing to pay a monthly membership fee! Yes, I´m going to pull out the bonus “Free Lifetime Access to the Support Group”!

If you don´t want to miss out and watch all the other email marketers getting all the clicks that you deserve, get my system right now to skyrocket your Click-Through Rates and make much more money from the very same list!



You're Protected By 3 Guarantees!

#1 “Unconditional, 30 Days Money Back” - Guarantee

The 30 day guarantee - If you are not 100% satisfied…no questions asked…for any reason or none at all... just ask me and I will give you every penny back!


#2 One Year “Make Twice Your Investment or Get Twice Your Money Back” - Guarantee

The 365 day guarantee - Take action and implement my system for an entire year, and if, after this year, you can honestly show me proof that you didn´t make at least TWICE your investment back in those 365 days, I’ll give you TWICE your money back… just for giving my system a try!

The risk is entire on me; you have absolutely nothing to lose! Either you like my system and get results, so that it pays for itself and makes you profits you wouldn’t otherwise have …. or you get your money back; and if you don´t get at least twice your investment back within a year, you´ll get twice the money back!

#3 “Ongoing Support” - Guarantee

For those, who Take Action as Long as Bonus # 3 is still available

Guaranteed Support to those who took action immediately, while bonus # 3 was still available and joined the Support Group:

Whatever email-marketing issues you´ll need to fix: You are not alone anymore! If you have any questions, concerns or ideas, just post it and you´ll get help!  


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To Your Success,



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