About Us

Who We Are

This is the small business marketing blog of K.Stawrew. Since 2014, I focused on forming partnerships and mentoring companies that needed help with their marketing. My company is also providing training materials for small businesses and startups who want or need to do the marketing themselves.


Here is how our mentoring works and what we do to get you the best possible results, without any up-front fee for us:

First, we identify the strategies and tactics that would have the biggest positive impact on your business by reverse engineering what others have been doing successfully and monitoring all the strategies and tactics that are discussed in the industry by leading experts on the respective topics.

We´re constantly learning and observing best practices and testing them first in our own business to see if they generate the results we´d expect.

Then, we prioritize the strategies and tactics with you, taking into consideration your preferences and your resources, especially in terms of time and money.

After that, we show you or your employees (or freelancers) the implementation of those you´d like to implement, since the transfer of – quite often rather abstract – concepts and ideas into actionable step by step strategies for your business isn´t that easy.

We´re getting paid from the extra profits, generated because of our involvement. So, if we don´t deliver results, we´re not getting paid!