Training and Coaching

This unique leading-edge learning opportunity is designed to sharpen the business development skills of small businesses. Our coaching program explores the essence of business development knowledge and skills needed in your environment – a must for the ongoing strength of any business.

The program is driven by your individual business needs; specifically, it is designed to enhance the capabilities  to develop new business, and to enhance client relationships.

The program is designed to work one-on-one with the business owner and/or with this staff.

By participating in the program, you will not only be investing in the success of the firm, your staff and your clients, you will also be investing in yourselves, by developing a crucial set of business development skills that every effective business must have.

The one-on-one coaching program will be made up of individual monthly coaching sessions to address the needs stated above and each targeted at a particular skill/knowledge area.

Business development behavior change that is sustainable and dependable requires consistent encouragement, practice and feedback. Behavior changes also need time to develop, time to be tested in action and time to be refined. This cannot happen in a vacuum. Development occurs out loud, in relationship with others. Usually, our coaching programs include:

  • The focus has to be on practical skills. Concepts alone will not result in the desired outcome of the program.
  • The coaching needs to provide skills in both the “mechanics” (strategies, processes) and the “soft” (communication, relationships) sides of business development.
  • Knowing how/where to get new business
  • Ensuring mutual understanding of client needs, problems and business environment through effective listening techniques
  • Describing the services of the firm in the context of the benefits those services provide for the client
  • Confidently asking for the business at the appropriate time
  • Creating a win-win approach to developing new business-one in which the client and the firm both benefit.

We provide all the training materials, tailored to your business, including manuals and “how to guides” for you and/or your employees.

In addition, we´re availalbe for Q & A and constantly providing support to make sure you benefit and get results.

To make it risk free for you, we are getting paid from the extra money our coaching is generation. If we don´t deliver results, we aren´t paid.


Would you like to get training and coaching absolutely risk free? Then fill out the survey to let us know a little bit about your business: 


If we, based on your information, see that we can really help to take your business to the next level and that we´re a good fit, we´ll let you know.