Join The Business Growth Club


We´re putting the final touch on a training program we´re about to launch called “The Business Growth Club”.


If you went through our articles and now you want or need to take your business to the next level, generate more quality leads and to turn more of the leads into customers paying premium prices, this is the right program for you:


The program will consist of 4 parts, namely:


  1. Our up to 1 hour one-on-one strategy call


You decided when you´d like us to have this call; it might be right at the beginning, or later, for example after you´ve been through the training guides that come with this program.

Also, you´ll decide what you´d like to ask me or talk about with me.

Most of the clients like to have the strategy session right at the beginning, to become clear about where to focus on, and how to start best.

If you like, we will reverse engineer the most successful competitors in your industry and come up with at least ONE campaign that you can immediately model, implement and start getting clients.



  1. The Mastermind Group


There you´ll get your questions answered and the support you need to progress as quickly as possible.

We´ll also post new cutting- edge information and updates so you´ll stay on top and have an unfair advantage over your competition.

You meet likeminded entrepreneurs that you can mastermind and joint venture with for mutual benefit, so that you grow your businesses together.

Getting joint venture-partners that´ll help you grow your business and send you leads is worth thousands of dollars alone, even without all the training and support that comes with the mastermind group.


  1. Our training guides


With your membership you´ll get also our training guides on


  • Adwords Advertising
  • Blogging
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Joint Venture Marketing
  • How to make more sales
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Remarketing
  • YouTube Ads
  • Ecommerce Store
  • Facebook Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • List Building
  • Product Creation
  • Copywriting – Writing Sales Letters and Marketing Materials


Those training guides contain everything you need to know to start – how to set up your account, how to create campaigns, how to track and optimize and best practices examples.

You won´t need other training material then this.

If each guide has a retail value of at least $ 17, the combined value of all these guides would be at least $ 255.


4. The immediate cash module


To recoup your investment instantly, we´ve included a special “immediate cash” part:


You´ll get 2 strategies to stimulate more referrals, which you can implement and start immediately and which don´t cost you a cent!

As you know, referred clients are the best clients – they are presold and usually don´t try to get “the best possible price”! Why not stimulate more referrals and grow your business with high quality clients?

With these strategies we´ve seen success rates from 10% to 30%, which means each 3 to 10 clients will refer to you another client.

If you send an email (we´ll give you the script!) to 30 of your clients, how would you like to get another 3 to 10 paying clients?


You´ll also get one strategy to reactivate past customers WITHOUT having to offer coupons or discounts, so that you don´t have to sacrifice your profits!

On average, this client reactivation strategy is producing 20% results; if you send an email (we´ll give you the best performing scripts) to 20 former clients, you can expect to get 4 of them back and keep them as long term clients!


You´ll get everything you need to know to implement this strategy, all the scripts and places where you can outsource the work and get it done for a few bucks!


The Members-Only Finder’s Fee program


If you like the training and know folks who could benefit as well, as a member of the you´re eligible to take part in the Finder’s Fee program. If you refer a client and he stays with us for at least 30 days without asking for a refund, you´ll get a 50% finder’s fee; if you refer 2 clients, you get in fact everything for free, since you recoup 100% of your investment and if you refer 3 clients, you´ll even make profits that you can, for example, reinvest in your business, like buying advertising.


This program is not available on the market for affiliates to promote, only members will be allowed to introduce new members for a finder´s fee!


The “We Train Your Staff” program


And: anyone in your company, especially the folks in charge of your marketing and sales, can join for free, so that you don´t have to personally deal with the training, but can let us train your staff.


So, let´s recap: You´ll get


  • an up to 1 hour consulting session 
  • Mastermind Group Membership and Coaching 
  • Our training guides and
  • Our “Immediate Cash” program to recoup your investment as quickly as possible
  • Membership for all your staff that is in charge of sales and marketing, so that we train your staff



And, of course, the training comes with an Unconditional 30-Days Money Back Guarantee:


If, for whatever reason, you´re not happy with the program, just send me an email within 30 days from the purachse, and I´ll refund 100% of the money you paid!


So, now that you know what you´ll get, let´s have a look at the value.


One-on-one  Strategy Session – up to one hour


What is the market price of such session? Well, let´s look at what other companies are charging:

For example WebSavvy is charging for a 30 minute strategy session $ 499! (hit the “BUY NOW” – button, and you´ll see the price:

That means that a one hour session will be a $ 998 value!


So, it´s safe to say that a up to 60 minute session has a market price and value of $ 499 to $ 998.

And WebSavvy only teach you paid advertising, while we´ll give you also our best performing, easy to implement referral stimulation strategies and client reactivation strategies!

And, in our case, you´ll even get an unconditional 30-Days Money Back guarantee (which makes our offer even more valuable)!


What about the training materials and the Master Mind Group?


Once again, let´s check what other companies are charging for this:

WebSavvy offers a similar program for monthly payments of $ 299, as you can see here (check the information on the right hand site):

If you stay with them for a year, you´ll pay $ 3.588 – that´s the value and market price.


So, the value and market price of our program would be something between $ 4,087 and $ 4,586 since this is what you´ll have to pay for programs, which offer you even less (no referral and client reactivation strategies) and have no Money Back Guarantee!


As you can see, you have nothing to lose: either you don´t like the program and get your money back, or you like it and recoup your investment just by introducing two people to the program!


If you have any questions or ideas on what you´d like to have included in the program, just go to the “Contact-Us”- page and send us a message.


The Membership Fee is $ 497 and once you pay the fee (CLICK HERE) 


you´ll be taken to a site where you can schedule your Consultation with me and join the Mastermind Group.


To your success,