Email Marketing Basics

Quite often people are asking me for a systematic approach to learn email marketing.

Well, I think that if you use the following checklist to research the answers to the questions in the list, you´ll become a successful email-marketer. Here it is:


Step 1: List Building Basics


  • What is List Building all about?
  • What can an Email list do for your Business?
  • Important List Building Facts to Consider
  • The Essential List Building Success Factors


Step 2: List Building – Step by Step


  • Preparing the Lead Magnet
  • Setting up the Lead Capture Page
  • Setting up the Email Automation
  • Setting up your Tracking Strategy
  • List Building Traffic Strategies
  • Analyzing your Results
  • Optimizing your Campaign


Step 3: Advanced List Building Strategies


  • Creating High-Converting Follow Ups
  • Split Testing Emails
  • Using Polls to Increase Opt-Ins
  • Optimizing Confirmation Emails
  • Resending Unopened Emails


Step 4: Additional Tips


  • Do’s and Don’ts / Best Practices
  • Premium Tools and Services to Consider
  • Case Studies
  • What are the Frequently Asked Questions



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