How to Find and Model Proven and Winning Facebook Campaigns

So that you don’t have to waste your time and money to figure it out.

We strongly believe that whenever possible you should find and model what´s already working instead of investing your own time and money to figure it out. Capitalize on the time and money someone else has invested to create proven and profitable marketing campaigns.

The same is true when it comes to marketing on Facebook and the good news is that Facebook actually lets you research and reverse engineer proven winners.

In this article, we´ll show you step by step how to do exactly this. Without further ado, let´s get started:

I´m sure you know the search box Facebook has. However, not everyone knows that you can use this search box actually as a search engine.

What you need to do is

  1. type in the keywords that are relevant
  2. look for results that are similar or related to your business
  3. see the results and pay attention to what has been working fantastic and was generating results
  4. model it.

Okay, let´s go step by step. To make it more clear, let´s assume that you have an online shop and are selling shoes for children.

Let´s assume that someone told you about “Giveaway Contests” and you´d want to check out, if those might work on Facebook for your business (in order to not waste your time on something that is not going to work). Here is what you should do:


Step 1: Keyword search

Do a search for “giveaway shoes” or “giveaway shoe”, just like that:


Step 2: Look for Proven Winners

Scroll the results and look for those that have many likes, shares and comments. Because those are the ones people on Facebook like and are willing to share, so that they go viral.

You´ll find some amazing posts like these here that you can model:






Ste 3: Look at the results and pay attention to what is working

Based on what we see, shoe giveaways seem to work. Big pictures of the shoes seem to perform well. Also giveaways on special occasions, such as “New Year”.

Click the links to see where it leads and how the giveaway works. If the contest is still active you might enter to see how exactly they are running it, if they are offering upsells, if they are promoting via email etc. Just try to gather as much information on the entire giveaway contest and its elements as possible.


If you want to check if you could use Giveaways to build a list, you can follow the same steps, include in your search the keyword “email” and search for “giveaway shoes email”, like this:



The next thing I like to do is check out their Facebook Fanpage.

On every Fanpage, in the right hand corner there is a search box. Just type in “giveaway” and I´ll show you all the posts on this fanpage that contain the word “giveaway”.

What I am looking for is to see, if they are doing giveaways regularly!

Because if this is the case, it´s an indicator that giveaways are working for them (otherwise they wouldn´t be doing them constantly).

If you have such “verification”, you might go ahead and model their campaigns. Doing this should give you enough material to verify that giveaways really work in your business and to study and model.

Whatever you like, model it!


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