The ONE Thing You Absolutely Must Avoid in Your Business Is …

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Starting from scratch!  Whenever possible, try not to start from scratch because it takes so much trial and error, testing and tweaking, time and money until you get all the pieces together to have a functioning and profitable solution.

What you should do instead is: Try to find a what´s already working, reverse engineer and model it! Try to eliminate as much uncertainty, guessing and trial and error as possible.

Here is what one of the world´s top and most successful online marketers, Russell Brunson, is saying in this best-selling book “DOTCOM SECRETS” (go get it, it´s worth every penny!):


“The first step of reverse engineering existing traffic streams is understanding the five elements that go into any successful online ad campaign. I never start creating a funnel unless I know at least four of these five things. I never want two unknowns. … if something isn´t working, it usually comes down to those five things:



Landing Page

Traffice source

Ad copy

…When I´m researching competitors, I go in and purchase everything they offer me. I will easily spend hundreds of dollars to study their offer and their funnels. And I keep careful notes. This is critical competitive research. I want to know exactly what they´re selling, how they´re selling it, and at what point they´re offering each product in their funnel. What´s the copy on the sales video? What email am I getting? How many? Are they selling in every email or offering content in some? The more I know the better chase of success I will have.

… I´m not going to make up my own landing page and hope it works. I´m going to revers engineer what´s already working and model that for my own page. I´m going to make something very similar to what´s already successful.

Find what someone else has already done and model it. Start there, and then you can tweak your funnel, test it, and try to improve on that model after you´re already making money.”


That is really key: Start with what´s already working and start making money. Only AFTER that do testing, tweaking and improving to make even more money – but start with something that is ALREADY making you money!

Now, even if you´re not running an online business, the advice Russell is giving, is still valid.

Just take your time to reverse engineer and understand how your competitors solve this problem – it´s time and money that really pays off!


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