How to Learn Online Marketing (a “Learning Instagram” Example)

In this article, we´re going to share our system regarding testing and learning online marketing.

The first challenge is to pick an online method wich is likely to generate results for your business. Giving the millions of strategies and traffic sources out there this can be overwhelming and very time consuming.


Let´s say you´re thinking about Instagram, since there is so much “noise” about it out there. How should you approach it?

Here is our step by step plan, that we use:


#1 Find out, if Instagram might work for your business and generate results


# 2 Narrow down, which Instagram strategies you´d like to test first


# 3 Learn and apply the basics and the most important tools


# 4 Make a test a let it run for a few days


# 5 Analyse the results


# 6 if you like the results, optimize and then scale


# 7 Keep learning, stay up to date and test new strategies


And here is how we do this:


#1 Find out, if Instagram might work for your business and generate results

To find out, if a strategy of traffic source, for example Instagram, might work, we like to research and analyse case studies of companies who have been using this strategy /traffic source successfully to find out, if there are companies similar to us.

Usually, we start with a Google search, looking for the keywords


“Instagram case studies results”


We like to include the word “results” since we are primarily looking for those case studies that reveal the results, so that we can check if the results are good enough for us.

In the Instagram – example, here are some interesting web sites with case studies that we´ve found and that are worth analyzing:

8 Outstanding Instagram Marketing Case Studies


9 case studies where clever Instagram marketing got huge results



The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Marketing




The other thing I like to do is just surfing the internet to get a better feeling on what the “hot” questions and trends are in a topic.

I like to find the most popular articles on a topic I´m researching, and for that purpose I check out sites like:


but also

Twitter, Facebook and the Warrior Forum.


# 2 Narrow down, which Instagram strategies you´d like to test first and what the key success factors are


By analyzing these case studies we´ve found that typically those type of companies use Instagram frequently:


1. Companies that sell a service.

2. Real Estate agents and companies.

3. Nonprofit organizations.

4. Companies that sell a physical product, in particular clothes and other “visually appealing” products

5. Retail companies

6. Companies that sell food 

7. Creative workers (graphics designers, artists, web designers, photographers and filmmakers).



Which means that if you´re in one of those businesses, you should give Instagram a try and track your results.


You´ll also see, that there are many different strategies:

For example, some companies post how-to videos and helpful tips to get their potential customers to “know, like and trust” them.

Other companies post photos of their work or the product they sell to stimulate sales.

Other companies show proof of the results they´re getting for their clients to demonstrate their authority and ability.

Or you may showcase your employees and customers in and around your store or using your products to create “social proof” and stimulate more sales.

Other companies are paying “influencers” to introduce and recommend the product to their followers – which is basically a type of “sponsoring” or “affiliate marketing.

Other companies are paying for ads to be shown to their target market to either build an email list, or to stimulate more sales.

You´ll need to learn about the different strategies the companies are applying and decide, which of them (taking your specific goals into consideration) might be worth testing first.


Also, after analyzing these strategies we came to the conclusion that the key factors for success on Instagram are

  • building a huge follower base of people
  • who are passionate about you or your product and service,
  • engaged and
  • represent your target market
  • If you don´t have such base or you won´t invest the time to build it, you may want to leverage someone else´s (an “influencer”) followers in exchange for paying him a fee.


# 3 Learn and apply the basics and the most important tools

The next step would be to learn the basics, things like:

  • How to set up an account
  • What types of campaigns you can run and how exactly to run them
  • How to achieve and optimize the key success factors (such as getting more followers, keeping them engaged, picking and reaching out to influencers etc.)
  • How to track your results
  • How to optimize your results
  • How to scale


For this we like to use guides and videos, just like our own guides wich you can find here:

It´s important that the guides are “complete”, which means they cover all important aspects and also include many links to more detailed and advanced information and training so that you can drill deeper on each topic – pretty much like a reference book.

All our guides are structured exactly like that, so that you don´t need any other product – all the important information is already included.

The other important thing is to check out what tools are available. We like to look for tools that are free and have lots of tutorials (for example on YouTube) so that it´s easy to learn how to use them.


Most Clients Struggle With This


We´ve found that most of our clients are struggling with this, and that´s why we´ve created a special guide on Instagram Marketing, which we´ll give you free of charge. If you want a copy, just go to the “Contact-Us” page and send us an email.


# 4 Make a test a let it run for a few days

Once you´re familiar with the basics and the tools, it´s time to run a small test. Obviously, how much you can spend on this test depends on your budget, but we usually start with $5 to $50 a day and let it run for a few days.


# 5 Analyse the results

After running your first test it´s time to carefully analyse your results. Based on these results you should make the decision if you´d like to continue using this strategy /traffic source or if it´s not worth for you to spend more time and money on it.

If it turns out the all your other strategies /traffic sources are generating much better results for you, it probably wouldn´t make a lot of sense to dedicate resources to this one.

So, you´ll need to compare the results with all the other results you are getting from the other strategies and traffic sources in order to make a smart decision.


# 6 If you Like the Results, Optimize and then Scale

If you chose to continue using this strategy / traffic source, now it´s the time to start optimizing the results and – once you are happy with them – to scale.


# 7 Keep Learning, Stay up to Date and Test New Strategies and Traffic Sources

As long as the strategy / traffic source is getting you results you´re happy with, you should spend time and effort to stay up to date.


We like to do this by:


  • Joining Facebook Groups on this Topic
  • Joining Forums on this Topic
  • Reading the Best Blogs on this Topic
  • Subscribing to Quality Newsletters on this Topic
  • Following quality Twitter Accounts on this Topic
  • Subscribing to Quality YouTube Channels on this Topic


Also, you should start researching and testing new strategies and traffic sources to figure out, if there is something that might get you even better results.


That´s our 7 step plan for learning new things related to Online Marketing!


To your success,



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