The Crowdfunding Reference Article

The best business idea is worthless if you don´t have the money to start the business, right? And that´s why this article is about getting your business idea funded, specifically by taking advantage of crowdfunding.


I did a bit research for you to find the “best stuff” on this topic and here is what I recommend you check out, if you´re interested in getting funded using crowdfunding:



Start with this Ultimate Guide to learn the essentials: 


and with this podcast on crowd funding and why you should be giving it a try:


Episode 83: How Funded Today Raised $105,999,553 in Crowdfunding Campaigns


Then, check out these “real life” case studies to get some honest advise for folks, who just “did it”:


Hacking Kickstarter: How to Raise $100,000 in 10 Days (Includes Successful Templates, E-mails, etc.)


How We Drove Traffic to Our Kickstarter Campaign: Novelsys Ampere Case Study


and, if you´re an musician or artist, we recommend this case study:


Also, you´ll need to develop a few key skills, especially related to selling and marketing your business idea. For more on this, check out the following articles:


How to Write a Kickstarter Pitch: An Analysis of the Best – And Worst – Campaign Copy


Facebook Ads Case Study: The Million Dollar Indiegogo Campaign


Now, let me give you a bonus tip! Here is a great template from copywriting genius Gary Halbert, which you can use to ask an investor for money:


“Dear ……

Sometime ago I had an idea for selling a report my wife wrote on

“How to Lose Weight Without Starving”

and I wrote a newspaper ad offering her report for sale. I
ran the ad in the Podunk Daily News which has a circulation of 53,000 and the ad
cost me $1,200.00 for a 1-time insertion.

I priced the report at $12.00 plus $1.50 postage and it costs me about $3.50 to fill
an order. Therefore, every order yields up $10.00 in “contribution to overhead.” My
ad pulled in 220 orders for a total gross of $2,970.00.

At $3.50 to fill an order it cost me $770.00 to fill all my orders. Therefore, my total
costs ($770.00 to fill orders and $1,200.00 to pay for the ad) were $1,970.00 which,
when subtracted from my gross of $2,970.00 left me a bottom-line profit of…

Please let me know if you know anyone who would be interested in funding this
project for a share of the profit.

So and So”


Key insight here: ask for money AFTER you have a profitable product / funnel. Use other people´s money only to scale your business, not to figure out if your product sells and if you´re going to be profitable.



So … hope, that helps! 🙂 Any questions, just go to the “Contact”-page and send me a message!


To your success,


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