Stuck For Blog Post Ideas? Here is s a Proven Strategy to Write Amazing Blog Posts and Attract More Readers And Potential Clients


Let’s face it: coming up with great ideas for your next blog post or article can be a pain in the ***, right? You have a blog, however you’re stuck for ideas about what you should write about that will attract new clients to your site. Or even worse: you´ve put tons of time and effort into writing your blog post and then … no one wants to read it!

And you think: Damn, there has to be a better way! Sound familiar?

The good news is: Yes, there is!

Let me show you ONE way to come up with blog post ideas that your target market wants to read and share!

Let´s assume that you´re a life coach looking for great blog post ideas. What can you do to make sure that you´ll reader will like it?

My first advice is: Always try to find out what is already tested and proven to work; whenever possible, do not reinvent the wheel!

In our case it means, that you´ll need to find topics your target market is already interested in. How can you do that?

One way that we´ve found especially successful is this:


#1 Find Interesting Topics on Facebook


Go to Facebook and search for your service in order to find the “influencer” and role models in your industry. Here we´ll do a search for “lifecoaching”.



Then you scroll through the search results of the Facebook Pages to see, who in this industry has the most followers – this is the person you want to check out first.



Go to their Facebook fan page, click the “Posts” tab on the left hand side and scroll to check their posts. Make sure you find posts that have a high amount of likes and shares.

That way, you´ll find what the target market, the people following life coaches, are really interested in. Here is one of the posts that performed very well – obviously, the target market likes this topic. The topic is “How to manage difficult people”.



# 2. Do More Research on Amazon 


Now go to and verify your assumption, that the topic “managing difficult people” is interesting for your target market and to learn a bit more.

Just do a search for “manage difficult people”:



And scroll the search results for the most popular book – that is the one with the most positive reviews.



Click the “reviews” tab



and then, on the next page, the “5 star reviews” to find out, what specifically people like to read about and learn, when it comes to managing difficult people and analyze the reviews.



Now it´s time to read and analyze what people like about this book – what is the “most valuable” part of the book? Because those sub-topics will be your blog post ideas!



When you read the reviews you´ll notice that many people like the “easy to read and understand” style. This is important for you, because it means that you too should write your post in an easy to understand way – obviously the target market is valuing this!

The other positive thing that comes up several times it that the book induces tips on how to communicate with difficult people better on the phone and via email.

Obviously, the readers are interested in learning exactly that.

One reader points out that he likes that the book contains scripts he can use etc.

Now, based on this analysis, here is an idea for a blog post, that is going to attract readers and resonate with the target market:


“How to manage difficult people on the phone”

another one could be:

“How to manage difficult people via email”

Because the target market has demonstrated his interest in those topics.


As for the content, you might buy the book and rewrite the chapters on the phone and email conversation with your own words. And you might, in addition, do a google search for blog posts and articles on this topic that you could take some great ideas and information from. Always make sure that you say it in your own words, do not just copy what others are writing.

Make sure that the style of the posts are easy to understand, and, if possible, include some scritps that you´d recommend.

If I were a life coach, I´d purchase this book, since several readers are saying that they´ve got results, so it´ll be worth to learn from the author, and maybe include the “how to manage difficult people” in my counseling services!


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